Forever Silk Step 1: Cuticule Cleansing Shampoo


The Forever Silk Step 1 Cuticle Cleansing Shampoo is the ultimate cleansing shampoo formula. Thoroughly Cleans...Great Lather... Pleasant Fragrance...Yet Gentle Enough For Children.

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Forever Silk Step 2: Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner

(Deep Conditions) 

Designed to instantly penetrate the cuticle layer, (outer hair shaft) and deposit conditioning agents into the cortexial fibers, (inner hair shaft), where reconstruction occurs. 

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Forever Silk Step 3: Leave-In Moisture Treatment


The Step 3 Leave-In Moisture Treatment seals and locks moisture and/or color into hair. 
Creates  natural sheen and body in hair while styling.

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Forever Silk Step 4: Crème Moisture Stimulant


The most versatile Moisture Stimulant ever created for your hair. It is designed for thermal use and/or daily maintenance. (Click here for more details)


Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System 

The Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System controls Porosity, Elasticity and Moisture Content, by controlling the relationship between the cuticle and the cortex. 

All chemical changes occur in the Cortex of the hair shaft. Reactions to chemicals such as conditioners, curly perms, thio curls, relaxers, thermal services and even color application occur in the cortexial fibers of the hair shaft. (Click here for more details)

Forever Silk Scalp Conditioning System


Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System 

The Forever Silk Scalp Conditioning System is a three step scalp conditioning system 
for most scalp related problems that gets to the root of your hair problem. (Click here for more details)


Forever Silk Part A- Scalp Softener & Growth Crème

Softens Scalp, Fertilizes and Silkens Hair. (Click here for more details)



Forever Silk Part B- Spot on Follicle Stimulator 

Stimulates Nutrients to each Follicle, while it Helps Scalp Disorders. (Click here for more details)



Forever Silk Part C- Root Fertilizer & Growth Rub 

Accelerates Growth Retards dry itchy scalp from Weaves, Wigs, Locks, Braids 
and other Natural Styles. (Click here for more details)


Forever Silk Natural Hair Softening Lotion  

Perfect for medium to coarse textures.

Use Forever Silk Naturally Softening Lotion before or after styling. Moisturizes medium to thick, 
very dry, very curly or coarse hair textures. Essential Oil enriched lotion for your natural hair provides deep penetrating conditioning. Promotes growth by softening and adding elasticity to hard hair.

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Forever Silk Silk & Honey Mist 

Perfect for fine to medium hair textures, braids, twists, and your mixed hair.

Forever Silk's Silk & Honey Mist adds sheen and seals in moisture by closing hair shaft to prevent frizz. Silk & Honey Mist featuring essential oils guards against breakage while moisturizing and conditioning. Fantastic for softening soft to hard hair types while palm rolling or twisting hair extensions or braids. Silk & Honey Mist provides moisture, sheen and hold, but will not weigh down your desired hair style. Silk & Honey mist is a leave-in and is alcohol free. (Click here for more details)

For Professional Use Only 


Forever Silk Silk Relaxing System with Cold Cream Base 

(For Professional Use Only) 

The Forever Silk Relaxing System with Cold Cream Base, was conceived, designed and created to safely transform natural curly hair to straight when used with the Forever Silk Conditioning System.


Forever Silk’s Cold Crème Base protects the hair from the drying effects of the relaxing process.

The Cold Crème Base has been blended with other moisture creating and hair strengthen agents such as 

Shea Butter, Hydrolyzed Collagen Proteins, Lanolin, Lavender Oil, and Forever Silk Amino Acids.

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Forever Silk Silk Conditioning & Neutralizing Shampoo 

(For Professional Use Only)

The Forever Silk Conditioning and Neutralizing Shampoo WITH AMINO ACIDS works in harmony with the Forever Silk Crème Conditioning Relaxer.


The Purpose of this uniquely premium neutralizing shampoo formula is that it continues the conditioning of the hair shaft started by the Forever Silk Crème Conditioning Relaxer. While simultaneously neutralizing the hair shaft, deep cleansing and removing all traces of the relaxer. The pH balanced formula actually begins the normalization of the hair that has undergone the relaxing process. (Click here for more details)

Forever Silk Silk Bright Silver 

(For Professional Use Only)

Forever Silk Bright Silver is formulated with extra conditioners to protect your hair while restoring its natural silver grey luster. Bright Silver will not leave blueish undertones like some other products can. 
For best results use with Forever Silk Conditioning Relaxer, and Forever Silk Neutralizing & Conditioning Shampoo.

No mixing required. Safe to use after relaxers.

Use Bright Silver after relaxing and rinsing neutralizing shampoo from hair. Shake well. Spray hair if there is discoloration or yellowing while hair is still damp at shampoo bowl. Saturate with Bright Silver thoroughly. 

Comb Forever Silk Bright Silver through hair with detangling and fine toothed combs until desired level of brightness is achieved, this usually takes 25 to 35 minutes just read the hair. Allow less time for thinner hair, and more time for thicker hair. 


Rinse completely with warm water. Towel blot. 

Comb through Forever Silk Step 2 (Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner) followed by Forever Silk Step 3( Leave-In Moisture Treatment). Dry and style as usual.

Caution: Not for use on eyelids or eyebrows.