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Forever Silk Bright Silver 


Use Bright Silver after relaxing and rinsing neutralizing shampoo from hair. Shake well. Spray hair if there is discoloration or yellowing while hair is still damp in the shampoo bowl. Saturate with Bright Silver thoroughly. 

Comb Forever Silk Bright Silver through the hair with detangling and fine-toothed combs until the desired level of brightness is achieved, this usually takes 25
to 35 minutes just read the hair. Allow less time for thinner hair, and more time for thicker hair. 
Rinse completely with warm water. Towel blot. 


Comb through Forever Silk Step 2 (Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner) followed by Forever Silk Step 3 ( Leave-In Moisture Treatment). Dry and style as usual.

Caution: Not for use on eyelids or eyebrows. 

Never Tested on animals.

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