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Forever Silk Part A: Scalp Softener & Growth Crème

Forever Silk Part A Scalp Softener & Growth Crème Softens and Loosens Scalp, Silkens Hair

Promotes  hair growth by softening, moisturizing, and conditioning the scalp.

May be used with Part B Spot On Follicle Stimulator and/or Part C Root Fertilizer & Growth Rub. Contains carefully selected Vitamins, Herbs and Essential Oils, quarternized for fast, deep penetration into the scalp. Will Silken hair. For best results, use daily. 

Softens and loosens scalp. Creates moisture to combat scalp dryness. Feeds hair from the root up. Helps to repair scalp damage from lace front or glued on weaves and braided styles. Helps hair loss due to chemical damage and where the sides are thinning or receding. Penetrates scalp without build-up. Reduces “SHINE” and works well for tight scalps in male patterned baldness situations. Good for cradle cap.

Never tested on animals.



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