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Question: Why so many steps?


Answer: The Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System contains only those steps needed to ensure healthy hair. 


Step 1 Cleans the hair. Clean hair is the first step to healthy hair


Step 2 Deep conditions the hair to the cortex and medulla. Step 2 is left in to control the moisture content, porosity and elasticity.


Step 3 Seals the hair shaft by closing the cuticle. This seals and locks moisture and/or color in the cortex of the hair shaft while acting as a styling aid for rolling, molding wrapping and blow drying styles.


Step 4 Moisturizes hair during thermal services or as needed for daily maintenance.


Question: How does hair grow?


Answer: Each hair shaft grows in a 3 to 7 year cycle depending upon such varying factors as genetics …..


Question: What is the hair growth cycle and why is it important?


Each individual hair is formed inside a hair bulb deep in a hair follicle. The follicle is a tiny manufacturer of hair, which throughout many people's lifetime never stops working. 


Stages of the Hair Growth Cycle


Between starting to grow and falling out years later, each hair passes through three distinct stages. These are so important that they have been given special names: Anagen, (the growing phase), Catagen, (the intermediate or resting phase) and Telogen (the shedding phase).  Let us take a closer look at these three stages. 


The Forever Silk Conditioning Systems are designed to extend the anagen, (growing phase) of the growth cycle. Hair grows stronger, longer and fuller with Forever Silk throughout the growing cycle.


         Anagen     1000 days (minimum)

         Catagen    10 days

         Telogen    100 days


The hair growth cycle, simply put, is the transformation from the growing of a new hair (anagen), to its shedding (telogen): In the anagen stage the hair bulb lies deep inside the scalp where the bulb receives nutrients from the blood stream necessary for growth and then during the catagen stage the bulb rises towards the surface of the scalp before the hair is shed in the telogen stage. Then the bulb moves down again closer to the blood stream and the hair growth cycle starts again. 


As people advance in age, the hair cycle becomes shorter, the follicles gradually give up producing long, strong hair, and the hairs become thinner and shorter. The result may be a general thinning of the hair, or even a degree of baldness.


Use of the Forever Silk Conditioning Systems, helps to maintain the hair’s continued growth during the anagen stage by promoting a healthy cuticle and cortex relationships and an awakening of follicular function.


Question: Why does the shampoo leave hair "hard"? 


Answer: Forever Silk’s Step 1 Cleansing Shampoo does not leave the hair hard. It thoroughly cleanses the hair shaft and leaves the cuticle open. To some this gives the feeling that the hair is hard…but in fact the cuticle is open to receive the Forever Silk Step 2 Penetrating Conditioner so it can soften and condition the hair shaft by entering the Cortexial Fibers. 



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