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Forever Silk Silk & Honey Mist

Perfect for fine to medium hair textures, braids, twists and your bi-racial hair. 

Forever Silk's Silk & Honey Mist adds sheen and seals in moisture by closing hair shaft to prevent frizz. Silk & Honey Mist featuring essential oils guards against breakage while moisturizing and conditioning. Fantastic for softening soft to hard hair types while palm rolling or twisting hair extensions or braids. Silk & Honey Mist provides moisture, sheen and hold, but will not weigh down your desired hair style. Silk & Honey mist is a leave-in and is alcohol free.

Shake vigorously before using. Spray as needed for daily maintenance and styling. Observe as mist penetrates into hair. Work through with hands from roots to ends. Can be used to condition fine to medium textures and is especially great for styling and conditioning mixed hair types. Conditioning bi-racial and mixed hair types.

Never tested on animals.

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