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Forever Silk Step 2: Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner... Deep Conditions 

Designed to instantly penetrate the cuticle layer, (outer hair shaft) and deposit conditioning agents into the cortexial fibers, (inner hair shaft), where reconstruction occurs. 

Softens and de-tangles hair instantly. Conditions and restores moisture in dry hair. Restores moisture lost during shampooing, coloring, or relaxing. Moisture-producing agents give hair body, penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair shaft, and reconstruct damaged hair on contact. The Step 2 Leave-In Conditioner enters the cortexial fibers during combing. Replaces sebaceous oils lost during color treatments, thioglycolate services, or longitudinal grooving in flat-celled hair shafts. May be left in or slightly rinsed depending upon hair type. Helps create healthy, longer, fuller, vibrant hair by preventing breakage during the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. 
Never tested on animals.

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