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Forever Silk Step 3: Leave-In Moisture Treatment...Seals 

The Step 3 Leave-In Moisture Treatment seals and locks moisture and/or color into hair. Creates  natural sheen and body in hair while styling.

The Forever Silk Step 3 Leave-In Moisture Treatment is the most advanced moisture treatment formula ever created. Conditions while you style. Self-adjusting for all hair types; and is excellent for blow drying, roller setting, wrapping, molding and creating silk finger-waves and other soft styles.

It also closes the cuticle layer, (outer layer) of the hair shaft, continues reconstruction of damaged hair, and enters the cortexial layer, (inner fibers) during combing. Use on round, oval, or flat celled hair. Leaves hair healthy. Eliminates Frizzy Hair! A MUST for those who want to extend the anagen growth cycle.  Should be applied before using products that coat the hair shaft such as hardening gels, alcoholic spritz products, or products with silicon or lacquer in their formulations.

Never tested on animals.





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