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Forever Silk Part B: Spot-On Follicle Stimulator 

Forever Silk's Part B: Spot-On Follicle Stimulator stimulates Nutrients to each Follicle, while it helps scalps issues and
concerns. Receding from medications. Promotes strong, healthy hair by stimulating blood flow and nurturing the follicle of each hair shaft. Helps with scalp disorders.

Features Forever Silk Nanology*, our very own process of distilling carefully selected roots, herbs, vitamins and essential oils. This product helps to promote  strong, healthy hair growth by penetrating the scalp’s sub-surface level and stimulating the hair’s root system.

Helps hair loss from lace front or glued on weaves and loss from braided styles where the partings get wider; Helps hair loss due to chemical damage and where the sides are thinning or receding from



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