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Forever Silk Scalp Rejuvenation System

The Forever Silk Scalp Conditioning System is a three-step scalp conditioning system for most scalp-related problems that get to the root of your hair problem. The Forever Silk Scalp Conditioning System gets to the root of your hair problems.The Forever Silk Scalp Conditioning System is a three step scalp conditioning system for most scalp related problems.Never tested on animals. Easy to use. Works Like Magic. Guaranteed. Massage a THIN film of product onto the scalp daily for 7 days. Then, every other day for 14 days. Then, proceed to the next product, Part A, B, and/or C.              



Forever Silk Part A- Scalp Softener & Growth Crème

Softens and Loosens Scalp, Silkens Hair. Scalp Softener softens and fertilizes the scalp to allow the hair shaft to more easily emerge through the scalp.(Click here for more details)



Forever Silk Part B- Spot-On Follicle Stimulator 

Stimulates Nutrients to each Follicle, while it Helps Scalp Disorders. Promotes the growth of strong healthy hair by stimulating the blood flow and nurturing the follicle of each hair shaft. Contains Forever Silk Nanology, our very own process of distilling and quarternizing carefully selected Herbs, Roots, Vitamins, and Essential Oils. APPLY ONLY TO A BALD SPOT WITHIN THE HAIRLINE. (Click here for more details)



Forever Silk Part C- Root Fertilizer & Growth Rub 

Accelerates Growth Retards dry itchy scalp from Weaves, Wigs, Locks, Braids 
and other Natural Styles.Root Fertilizer and Growth Rub thickens hair from the results of Parts A & B, and prevents the discomfort of dry itchy scalps sometimes associated with Wigs, Weaves, (sewn-ins or glued-on quick weaves). Use these products only within the hairline. Not formulated for the Face, Body, or Neck! (Click here for more details)

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