Forever Silk Natural Hair Softening Lotion

Perfect for medium to coarse hair textures. 


Use Forever Silk Naturally Softening Lotion before or after styling. Moisturizes medium to thick, very dry , very curly or coarse hair textures. Essential Oil enriched lotion for your natural hair provides deep penetrating conditioning. Promotes growth by softening and adding elasticity to hard hair.

Apply appropriate amount of Forever Silk Naturally Softening Lotion first to palm of hand. Rub hands vigorously to warm product before applying to hair. Apply and observe penetration. A little goes a long way.

Excellent leave-in while drying with or without heat. Condition daily or as needed . Maintains locks, twists and natural hair styles. Stops hair breakage while transitioning from chemically processed hair to natural styles with moisture. Non-greasy, Alcohol free formula. Never tested on animals.