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The Best Natural Hair Products for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Use the right hair care and styling products on your natural hair to keep it growing healthy and pretty. Today, there are a lot of natural hair products on the market. It could be hard to choose the best ones for your hair type and needs. We know how hard it is to pick the best natural hair products these days, so we will make a list of the best products for many kinds of hair and problems.

What do heat protectants do?

When you use a heat styling tool on your hair, heat protectants are made to keep your hair from getting damaged from excessive heat. The best natural hair products protect the hair’s cuticle from damage caused by high temperatures. This means that damage like breakage, brittleness, and dryness is less likely to happen.


  • For Fine to Medium, (1C to 2C), use Forever Silk’s Silk & Honey Mist. For Medium to Coarse textures, (3A to 4A), use Forever Silk’s Softening Lotion. For Coarse to “Hard”, (4A to 5C), use Forever Silk’s Step 4 Crème Moisture Stimulant. With these products you may use the highest heat practical for each type of texture of hair, (Fine, Medium, Coarse, Extra Kinky). The products are heat activated to stimulate moisture infusion during the heat styling procedure.

For different types of hair textures and problems, we provide natural products.

  • Natural hair

  • Gorgeous silver gray hair – Get Forever Silk’s Bright Silver

  • Naturally curly red hair – Use the Forever Hair Conditioning System

  • Natural hair with thermal protection – try Forever Silk’s Step 4, Softening Lotion, or Silk & Honey Mist

  • Relaxed hair – grab Forever Silk’s Cold Crème Based Relaxer Regular Strength with the Conditioning/Neutralizing Shampoo with Amino Acids

  • Dryness or breakage  -- pick up Forever Silk’s Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3

  • Naturally curly and curly permed hair --  Use the Forever Hair Conditioning System

  • Conditions during weaving  -- Use the Forever Hair Conditioning System

  • Healthy hair and scalp – You need Forever Silk’s Scalp Softener, Follicle Stimulator, and Growth Rub

  • Latina color and styling  -- Use the Forever Hair Conditioning System

  • Mixed / bi-racial hair -- Use the Forever Hair Conditioning System

  • Asian/Caucasian hair -- pick up Forever Silk’s Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3

  • The art and science of growing long hair  -- Consult Forever Silk’s Online Instructions Booklet

How to grow hair fast?

If you want to grow your hair quickly, you need to take good care of it, eat well, drink the best water and do other things that help hair grow. Getting rid of split ends can keep your hair from breaking and make it look healthy, which can help it grow faster. It's good for your hair to get the nutrients it needs to grow, and massaging your scalp can help the nutrients get to the follicles, which is important for hair growth. Care for your hair well and these tips will help it grow faster. These and other tips found at forever-silk will help you get the long, healthy hair you want.

Once you use these tips to get the growth you are looking for, be certain to get your Friction Free combs which eliminate the snagging, ripping, pulling, and tugging out of your hard earned hair. Available on the website.

Children's Curly Hair Products

When kids have Straight, Wavy or Curly hair, they need extra care and attention when they wash and style it. It is very important to use safe and gentle products on their delicate hair to keep them healthy and full of life. We have several natural hair care products that make styling their young tresses much simpler and easier. These products are specially made for wavy and curly haired kids. These products keep hair moist and easy to style. Use the Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System with Silk & Honey Mist or Softening Lotion depending upon the softness or hardness of their hair texture.

These are some of the very best items on the market for kids with curly hair. These products have natural ingredients like Coconut Oil, Avocado, Apricot, Argan, Grapeseed Oils and other emollients and moisture creating ingredients that help keep curls moist and defined. This makes care and styling faster and easier and more fun for both kids and adults.

Hair Care Products for Dreads

If you have dreadlocks, you need to use items that are made especially for this type of hair to keep them healthy. Keep dreadlocks moisturized to keep them from breaking at the middle or ends. Natural Hair Silk & Honey Mist and Natural Hair Softening Lotion will keep your Twists, DreadLocks, Braids, and Fros looking neat and well-groomed. They will help moisturize and strengthen your natural hair styles making them look well kept, healthy, with natural sheen ... .But with no heavy, greasy dust catching residue on hair or scalp.

How long does it take to see results from Forever Silk’s Natural Hair Care products?

At Forever Silk we pride ourselves in specializing in Hair Care products. Our motto is, “Hair Care Before The Hair Do”. We will offer hair styling products coming soon. Firstly get your hair in a healthy state, then concern yourself with styling products. The time that it takes to see the good effects from Forever Silk’s natural hair products depends on the person's hair type, the condition of the hair before Forever Silk and their concerns, (the results that are wanted after using Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System products). The natural ingredients should show that they are beginning to work right away. Most people will notice that their hair looks and feels different and better immediately or after just a few uses. If not, call 1-888-351-SILK (7455) for a cheerful refund of the amount paid for the products. You have 40 days to request your cheerful refund.

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