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Tell Us About Your Forever Silk Experience 

"Forever Silk is a miracle system. Out of all the detangling products that I have tried nothing can compare to this system. In the past, I had a problem with my hair tangling, no matter what type of detangling conditioner or wide comb I used. But after using steps 2 & 3 leave in conditioners I no longer have that problem. I also love step 4; I love the body and feel of my hair after flat ironing my hair. My hair is as light as a feather. I wish I could have found out about these products years ago...Forever Silk is a must have system!" 
                                                      - Client, St. Joseph, MI

"The forever silk conditioning system is the only product line that i have ever used that works for my daughter. her hair is kinky curly, it is dry and difficult to manage. forever silks conditioners make it so much more manageable and the softening lotion is great for morning time... has totally stopped all that hair in the comb. Thanks forever!"
                                                                - Client, Rockford, IL




"I suffer from dermatitis for over 20+ years, which makes my scalp dry, itchy and flaky, and I had to shampoo my hair 2-3 times a week. I tried everything under the sun and nothing seemed to work long-term. Most products just work for a couple months, then I was right back to were I started. I was first introduced to Forever Silk by my father (he's a barber). He noticed my scalp and gave me Spot-on Follicle Stimulator (B) and Root Fertilizer and Growth Rub (C). After using these products for several weeks, I notice that my scalp was not dry, itchy or flaky. I was very pleased with the results which made me buy the whole shampoo and conditioner system. I have been using the products for 2 yrs and I would recommend Forever Silk to anyone that has a scalp disorder."  - Client, Benton Harbor, MI



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