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The True Story Of Vivian Bruce Short Version

The Story Of forever silk

{In this picture [Picture #1b], Vivian Bruce is seated in front of her cosmetology licenses and credentials, her son Darnell, Director of Operations, on the left, her grandson Jared, Director of Marketing on the right AND [Picture #1a] her great-grandson Judah to the far left, “The CEO in training”.}

The True Story Of Vivian Bruce Short Version

Forever Silk Hair & Skin Systems is a hair product line that was inspired by an old-school beautician from “back in the day” named Vivian Bruce. Many of the ideas for items in our product line are a result of her down home experiences and lifestyle. She used to say that, “she liked to do hair and make concoctions, (as she called them), to make her customers feel better about themselves.”


When you purchase Forever Silk Hair and Skin Systems products, you get to enjoy the benefits of Vivian Bruce’s five generations of the Mound Bayou, Mississippi “down home remedies”,  where it all began. We are here to carry on the tradition of “helping people feel better about themselves”, by creating products that promise to solve problems, and really work!




Darnell and Jared Bruce

Forever Silk Hair & Skin Systems

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