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Choose Your 4-Step System to Control Naturally Curly Red Hair 

Advantages of the Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System for Naturally Curly Red Hair
• You will experience total frizz free control, silkier tresses and faster detangling. 
• Your hair will even dry quicker because there will not be a lot of product on your hair. 
• The moisture will be in your hair's core for protection against dryness. 
• With curly red hair, you have options. If you have a date or a special event you can decide whether you should wear your hair straight or curly.
   Here is how to use the Forever Silk Hair Conditioning  System to stop the dryness in winter and the frizziness in the summer. 

Hair Conditioning System

curly red hair product

Step 1 

curly red hair
curly red hair
short curly red hair
short curly red hair style product
short curly red hair style

Step 2 

Step 3 

Silk & Honey Mist  

For Fine-Medium Hair 

 red hair styles
curly red hair styles

Step 4

1.)  The Forever Silk Step 1 Cuticle Cleansing Shampoo will cleanse the curly red hair shaft but will not strip the hair of its natural oils. 


2.) The Forever Silk Step 2 Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner will now hydrate the hair to its core. Here’s how. Simply section hair into workable segments. Saturate each section with Step 2 and comb through. Start with a wide tooth comb, finish with as fine a tooth comb as practical for your hair texture.

Start at the ends and proceed to the roots if hair is tangled. LEAVE IT IN, DO NOT RINSE. This step replaces the moisture lost from the escaped sebaceous oils.


3.) The Forever Silk Step 3 Leave-In Moisture Treatment will now close the slightly raised cuticle layer of the hair shaft and seal the moisture in the core that was created by Step 2.

Here’s how. Saturate the hair with Step 3 and comb it through from roots to ends in a downward motion. LEAVE-IN, DO NOT RINSE. This action seals the cuticle in a closed position and locks moisture in the hair shaft. Use a fine tooth comb that is practical for your hair texture. No More Fly-Aways. No more FRIZZ. Your hair will be Softer, Silkier and more manageable. You will also see a natural sheen from the closed cuticle. You may now perform the style of your choice.


4.) If your style requires heat, choose the Forever Silk thermal protectant and styling aid according to your hair’s texture. 


Forever Silk Silk & Honey Mist for Fine to Medium hair textures provides Thermal Protection when needed and as daily moisture. Silk & Honey Mist has carefully blended essential oils which act as a finishing and smoothing barrier to humidity and heat.


Forever Silk Softening Lotion for Medium to Coarse hair textures provides Thermal Protection when needed and as daily moisture. Softening Lotion has carefully blended essential oils which act as a finishing and smoothing barrier to humidity and heat.


Forever Silk Step 4 Crème Moisture Stimulant for Coarse to Curly Coily  textures, provides thermal protection and moisture as needed. Step 4 protects your hair from heat. Use a dime to a quarter sized amount of product depending on your hair type, (straight, wavy or curly). Experiment and enjoy. Use an ionic blow dryer, to speed up the service because the hair dries faster from the inside out and your hair will be protected. Contains essential oils and Panthenol.


In addition to the steps above, get the combs that become part of a system that promotes the growth of your own hair. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.



What You Get


You’ll have Thermal Protection. Get the Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System to tame your Thick, Fiery Red Locks in 4 Easy Steps. Frizzy red hair is often drier because natural oils from the sebaceous glands are allowed to escape from the hair's cortexial fibers (core), through the cuticle’s gaps (outer layer of the hair shaft).  When the cortex is devoid of its own natural moisture (oils), it becomes dry and/or brittle, and tends to absorb humidity from the air and can become FRIZZY.


Frizzy hair is hair that absorbs humidity or dryness from the air. However, if you already have moisture in the cortex (core) fibers then humidity cannot enter them. Remember, in basic high school science class, we learned that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Therefore,  if you have moisture in the core, and a closed cuticle (outer layer), then the humidity cannot enter and this makes the hair frizzy.

Softening Lotion

Softening Lotion  
For Medium-Coarse Hair 

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