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10 Tips for Fine and Curly Natural Hair

Some assume that naturally curly hair is always course. Well SURPRISE - It's not! The hair could be very thick, but also very fine at the same time. Realizing this tid-bit of super important information about your hair can really change your game plan on dealing with some of the problems Curly/FIne Naturals may deal with. Here are 10 helpful tips on dealing with this hair type which originally appeared on

1. Treat Your Hair Like It's Antique Lace

This should be your motto on how you view your hair. You wouldn’t pull and yank and shred fine lace would you? Nope. Same goes for your hair.

2. Beware of Protective Styles

Many naturals believe that protective styles are key to growing and retaining length. Protective styles can require a lot of manipulation, which can be extremely damaging for fine hair. Instead, try a more loose style or just a simple wash & go.

3. Pro-protein & Keratin

Fine hair loves a dose of protein. It fortifies strands and helps to clump curls together. Fine hair will love conditioners and stylers that have a touch of amino acids, protein or keratin.

4. Detangle With Care

There are a lot of detangling options out there, but removing knots is one of the times your fine hair is most susceptible to damage. Begin first with your fingers, then with a wide-tooth comb. Avoid combing when hair is wet, which can cause additional breakage.

5. Easy on the Oils

Even though sealing your strands might feel like an essential part of the process, sometimes it can leave the hair feeling greasy and weighed down. If you are fine haired, limit the use of oils and butters or try a "weightless" oil that is designed for finer strands, you hair will be much happier.

6. Keep it Light

Moisturizers are key, but make sure you use one that’s not too heavy, not to light, but "just right, Goldicurls!" The best types of moisturizers will be translucent, water-based and more liquid than creamy in consistency.

7. Be Gentle

Back to Tip #1, because it's so easy to forget, but so important! Try not to tug your coils while you idly sit at your desk or rough them up while drying. Antique lace, ladies! Antique lace!

8. Protect While You Sleep

Yes, all curlies should protect their hair while they catch their Z’s, but this especially goes for fine hair. Cotton will tangle, break and dry out your fine strands so make sure to use a sleep cap or satin pillowcase.

9. Deep Condition Once a Week

Fine coils need all the nourishment and moisture they can get. Many Fine/Curly Naturals recommend a steam or deep condition under a hooded dryer at least once a week to keep hair hydrated and prevent splits on your fragile ends.

10. Trim Regularly

Because your strands are more prone to damage, make sure to keep splits in check by trimming every 3-4 months. Fine strands are ready to be clipped when you notice more tangles at the tips because the ends have become more ragged from daily wear and tear. It is important to keep the split ends under control before they travel up the hair shaft and cause further damage.

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