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Dry Hair Solution #dryhair #mixedhair

People often think curl pattern dictates what sort of products should be used on hair but that is inaccurate. Anyone with hair has confronted dry hair/scalp problems. More moisture is needed for a tighter curl pattern and it is the key to growing hair (hair is always growing it is the breakage that makes it to appear to not be growing). Conditioning occurs in the cuticle layer of the hair shaft. A conditioner that penetrates and doesn't leave the hair heavy or the hair shaft coated is a distinguishing factor between cheap conditioners and those of quality. Forever Silk Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner (Step 2) is designed to instantly penetrate the cuticle layer (outer hair shaft) and deposit conditioning agents in the cortexial fibers (inner hair shaft) where reconstruction occurs. Step 2 softens and detangles hair instantly while conditioning and restoring moisture in dry hair. This step restores moisture lost during shampooing, coloring or relaxing. The moisture producing agents give hair body and penetrate the cuticle layer in the hair shaft aiding in the reconstruction of hair on contact. Step 2 Leave In conditioner enters the cortexial fibers during combing. It replaces the sebaceous oils lost during color treatment, thioglycolate services or in the longitudinal grooving found in flat celled hair shafts. Any hair type that is combined with a flat cell (African) type takes on its characteristics in varying degrees based on gene selection. Step 2 should be left in unless curl pattern is very loose where the weight of the product could become an issue (solved easily through higher levels of heat application). This step creates healthy, longer, vibrant hair by preventing breakage during the anagen phase of the hair grow cycle. I guess that is enough science for today. Any questions visit us at or feel free to call 888-351-7455 acumen

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