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Acne Fighting Nutrition (Continued)

Let's continue with some of the different vitamins and minerals that can aid in the fight against acne. Inflammation and oxidation tend to go together and of course inflammation can be a key precursor to acne. If you have an inflammatory disease such as acne you will benefit from the protection that antioxidants like Selenium, Vitamin A and Vitamin E offer. In fact studies show that getting enough Selenium can help decrease acne. Aiming for 200 micrograms of this essential mineral is a worthwhile goal. You can get this amount from simply eating three Brazil nuts a day... pretty darn easy huh ... Brazil nuts are high in calories so its best to stick with the recommended "dosage". Likewise don't take supplements in excess of 200 micrograms as high doses can be toxic. More to come ... Let me know in the future if there is any special topic you would like me to cover related to hair skin and nails, lets learn together :) acumen

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