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Your System for Conditioning Natural Hair with No Heat 
Perfect for Twists, Locs, Braids & Fros 

• Are you having a hard time finding a product that works on your natural hair?

• Is your natural hair dried out and begging for moisture the next day after you use other products?

• Have you been using hair products that are heavy on your hair and weighs it down?

• Do your twist outs and braid outs only last a day and you end up with loose curls that quickly frizz from other products?

   Then the Forever Silk Hair Conditioning  System offers the help you have been looking for.

Complete Hair Conditioning System

Step 1 

Step 2 

Step 3 

Step 4

For general cleansing and daily maintenance:

1. Shampoo hair using Forever Silk Step 1 Cuticle Cleansing Shampoo.


2. Apply Forever Silk Part C Root Fertilizer & Growth Rub to scalp. This will help to accelerate growth and retard dry, flaky, itchy scalp.


3. Apply Forever Silk Softening Lotion or Forever Silk’s  Silk & Honey Mist to moisturize hair after styling and daily as needed. 


When creating Natural Styles: 

1. Shampoo hair using Forever Silk Step1 Cuticle Cleansing Shampoo.  


2. Apply Forever Silk Step 2 Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner throughout the hair. This helps to prevent dry Twists, Locks, Braids or Fros.


3. Apply Forever Silk Step 3 Leave-In Moisture Treatment. This helps to seal the moisture created by Step 2 Leave-In Conditioner in the hair. Stroke the hair in a downwards direction from root to ends with fingertips, to help seal the hair shaft.   


4. After using Step 3, and while hair is still damp, choose your moisture/thermal protectant according to your hair texture- Silk & Honey Mist auburn hair for Fine to Medium; Softening Lotion for Medium to Coarse; and  Step 4 Moisture Stimulant for Coarse to Kinky Coily. 


5. Dry hair with hooded dryer or allow to air dry completely.


6. After drying hair, choose your maintenance product according to your hair texture.


Silk & Honey Mist  

For Fine-Medium Hair 

Softening Lotion  

For Medium-Coarse Hair 

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