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Friction Free Combs 

If there ever was a time to start ripping out your hair, when would be the time to start? 


NATURE DOES IT PART TO GROW YOUR HAIR. Your hair grows from 3/8" to 3/4” per month. If you are not achieving the length that you desire, then perhaps you do not have a growth problem, you may be experiencing a breakage problem. If you are finding hair in your comb, in your brush, or in other places then you have evidence of this. The Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System will strengthen your hair from within the hairshaft to prevent the breakage. It adds moisture, elasticity and strength but does not coat the hair shaft, therefore allowing the hair shaft to breathe and grow longer throughout the anagen period of the hair growth cycle. The anagen period can last from 3 to 6 or more years depending upon your heredity and other factors. GET FRICTION FREE COMBS TO STOP RIPPING OUT YOUR HARD EARNED HAIR, TODAY!

"The Rake" aka "The Detangler" Friction Free Comb. This model saves time and prevents the "Ripping Out" of hair that tangles easily. Works well with Afro-Caribbean,

Bi-racial hair and Weaves.

Used with Forever Silk's Hair Conditioning System it promotes growth by maximizing each strand of hair by not pulling it out prematurely in the comb.

"The Pick" aka "The Lifter" Friction Free Comb. Excellent for "fros" or styles which require lifting of the hair for volume.

"The Penetrator" Friction Free Comb. for Medium to Coarse hair textures. Creates a smooth finish for hair that is coarse to kinky coily. Used with Forever Silk's Step 2 Penetrating Leave-In-Conditioner and Step 3 Leave In Moisture Treatment, to penetrate the products into the hair shaft and close and smooth the cuticle. Helps to maximize the Anagen stage of the hair growth cycle.

"The Closer" Friction Free Comb,  for fine hair. Can also be used when perming, wrapping, coloring, teasing and weaving. Do not use with caustic chemicals, because it has a metal tail.

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