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The Comb Thru Leave-In Deep Conditioning System moisturizes hair, leaving it soft, manageable and healthy with no build-up.

The Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System is a four step, self-adjusting conditioning and styling system for all hair types, globally. You simply comb and rub the products through the hair as directed and leave them in.

The Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System controls Porosity, Elasticity and Moisture Content, by controlling the relationship between the cuticle and the cortex. 
All chemical changes occur in the Cortex of the hair shaft. Reactions to chemicals such as conditioners, curly perms, thio curls, relaxers, thermal services and even color application occur in the cortexial fibers of the hair shaft and can cause dryness in the cortex. Step 2 Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner replaces this dryness with moisture. 

The Cuticle is important because it provides protection to the cortex by sealing in the moisture produced by the body’s natural conditioner, sebaceous oil sometimes referred to as sebum. The Step 3 Leave-In Moisture Treatment seals the cuticle to lock in the moisture and provide natural sheen without hair spray and oil sheen.

Never tested on animals.

The Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System 

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