Choose Your 4-Step System to Control Your Straight, Wavy, or Curly Bi-Racial Hair 

• Stop the tangles. 

• Stop ripping out your hair. 

• Stop burning up your hair. 

• Stop the tears from tender little heads. 

• Stop the confusion over how to deal with these hair types. Get the Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System, it leaves your hair silky soft, tangle free, stronger and manageable.

Hair Conditioning System

Step 1 

Step 2 

Step 3 

The Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System is the perfect choice for bi-racial hair textures.

Using this system saves time with its detangling features, and is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.


1.)  Use The Forever Silk Step 1 Cuticle Cleansing Shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your hair's cuticle layer. 


2.) Next, use The Forever Silk Step 2 Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner to deep condition your hair's cortexial fibers, the core of the hair shaft. Simply comb Step 2 through from ends to root and leave it in.


3.) Now, spray on The Forever Silk Step 3 Leave-In Moisture Treatment. Comb this product though from root to ends and LEAVE IT IN. Step 3 locks in the moisture created by Step 2 and color if you use color. 


4.) Now apply the after care product of your choice according to your hair texture: Silk & Honey Mist for Fine to Medium textures, Softening Lotion for Medium to Coarse textures, and Step 4 Crème Moisture Stimulant for Coarse to Kinky Coily textures.


If your natural curl pattern is desired as your style, simply allow hair to air dry.  Blow dry or use a hooded dryer to reduce drying time.


If a slightly straighter style is desired, use a blow dryer with a comb or brush to get desired straightness.


For light, silky straight and smooth styles, use a flat iron or hot comb with as much heat as practical for your hair type.





• Styling your hair is quicker because detangling is much faster with the system. 


• Visit our styling gallery video instructions to see proven techniques. Your hair will become silky, soft, and more manageable with moisture, more quickly with the system.  


• With curly hair, you have options. If you have a date or a special event you can decide whether you should wear your hair straight or curly.


Silk & Honey Mist  

For Fine-Medium Hair 

Softening Lotion  

For Medium-Coarse Hair 

Step 4