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Your System for Deep Conditioning Relaxed Hair Styles with No Breakage

• Have you become fearful of relaxers?

• Have the relaxer products you have been using on your hair left your strands broken, damaged, uneven or un-healthy looking ?

• Are you afraid to apply the heat of Blow Dryers, Flat Irons or Curling Irons to your relaxed hairs?




Complete Hair Conditioning System

Relaxer Pro 

Conditioning & Neutralizing Shampoo

Step 2 

Step 3 

Step 4 

The truth is, Relaxed hair is the perfect canvas for tons of styles and you can achieve the look you have been searching for. The Forever Silk Hair Conditioning System will give you the moisture inside the hair shaft, (cortex),  but the cuticle will be silky and grease free. The moisture will absolutely prevent your hair from breaking and you will develop length, flowage, shine, swing and your hair will jump when you do.  The System will plump up baby fine hair and soften the coarsest, kinky coily tresses. If you ever wanted to have long flowing, healthy hair, when would be the best time to start? Get the Forever Silk Relaxer & Hair Conditioning Systems NOW!

1. USE The Forever Silk Crème Conditioning Relaxer with Cold Crème and Shea Butter TO GET     SHEEN, SILKINESS, BODY, & RADIANTLY HEALTHY HAIR.  


2. Shampoo hair using Conditioning  & Neutralizing Shampoo which neutralizes and removes all traces of the relaxer. The Amino Acids continues the conditioning started by the Relaxer.  


3. Apply Step 2 Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner. LEAVE IN FOR DEEP CONDITIONING.  


4. Apply Step 3 Leave-In Moisture Treatment  it closes the cuticle and seals in the moisture created by STEP 2.  REMEMBER, STEP 3 IS ALWAYS LEFT IN, NEVER RINSED OUT.  


5.You may now Wrap, Roller Set, or Blow Dry your style.


6. Comb through a small  amount of Step 4 Crème Moisture Stimulant to protect the hair and add sheen during drying.


7. In addition to the steps above, get the combs that become part of a system that promotes the growth of your own hair. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

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