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Your System for Healthy Hair and Scalp




• Get the system that hydrates the scalp by creating moisture, 

• Your scalp can breathe!!! 

• Helps to Restore Thinning Sides and Receding Hair Lines

• Scalp Conditioners Penetrate the Scalp's Skin Layer

• Helps to promote strong, healthy hair growth 

• Gentle enough for all age groups.

• Cultivates and softens the scalp for maximum growth.

• Combats dry, flaky, itchy scalp.


Then you need a plan! Simply follow our supplemental plan for holistic Health & Beauty.

Then get Forever Silk’s Scalp & Hair Conditioning Systems!


Part A

Scalp Softener & Growth Crème

forever healthy hair

Part B

Spot-On Follicle Stimulator 

forever healthy hair

Blood Typing Kit

forever healthy hair
forever healthy hair


forever healthy hair

The use of Part A Scalp Softener makes the scalp more pliable.

This allows the hair shaft to more easily emerge through the scalp.

The Part B Spot-On Follicle Stimulator stimulates blood flow to the follicles of the hair shaft. 


The Blood Typing Kit is used to assist in making good dietary choices and avoiding bad choices. Drinking copious amounts of the best water available to you, along with exercise helps to propel the nutrients more speedily to the follicle for more rapid hair growth. Please consult your primary care giver before embarking on a regimen of supplements or significant lifestyle changes.


Note: A textbook entitled, Eat Right 4 Your Type, is available.

The book offers individualized diet solutions for maximizing your body's inner force; resulting in improved health, hair, skin and nails.

Contact us for more information. 


Experiencing natural or hormonal thinning, click here for more information


Moringa is known all around the world and is used by many cultures as a staple for nutrition. This plant is one of the most nutritious superfoods available. It is brimming with vitamins, minerals and amino acids,

making it a great supplement to a healthy diet and lifestyle.


VG 7 offers the nutrition of a multivitamin and a healthy dose of fiber in a 100% natural capsule. Nourish your body with VG 7, our healthy blend of nature’s most nutritious botanicals.

VG 7

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