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Your System for Natural or Hormonal Thinning



Part A

Part B

Scalp Softener & Growth Creme

Spot-On Follicle Stimulator 

The use of Part A Scalp Softener makes the scalp more pliable. This allows the hair shaft to more easily emerge through the scalp.

The Part B Spot-On Follicle Stimulator stimulates blood flow to the follicles of the hair shaft. 


The Blood Typing Kit is used to assist in making good dietary choices and avoiding bad choices. Drinking copious amounts of the best water available to you, along with exercise helps to propel the nutrients more speedily to the follicle for more rapid hair growth. Please consult your primary care giver before embarking on a regimen of dietary changes,  supplements and exercise.


Consider low level laser therapy combs, brushes, caps or hoods for added follicle stimulation. 

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Blood Typing Kit 



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