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Your System for Conditioning & Styling Gorgeous, Silver, Gray Hair


• Tired of your hair’s yellowish, greenish discoloration?

• Tired of your hair’s noticeable brassiness from heated styling appliances, sun, wind, and air  pollution? 

• Tired of discoloration after relaxers?

• Tired of discoloration from medications and medical procedures?

• Had enough of the dull blue and purple procedure? 

• Want your hair to be Silvery White, Silky Soft and Well- conditioned to its core?      


Then get Forever Silk’s Bright Silver System to get the yellow out and make your hair shine beautifully. ROCK YOUR SALT & PEPPER SILVER. ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS!

Bright Silver Pro

Relaxer Pro 

Use this system to remove the discoloration of gray hair caused by the environment or relaxing procedure. Bright Silver has conditioners to deep condition the cortex and hydrogen perooxide to brighten the hair to a silver luster gray. Hair will be soft, silky, and have a bright silvery appearance. 





Conditioning Neutralizing Shampoo

Step 2 

Step 3 

Step 4 

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