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Conditioning & Straightening Bi-Racial Hair Course

Earn your CEU's with us!
Read the Material, Take the Test and Pay online! 

Read the course materials, Watch the video, and Learn more about Maintaining Beautiful and Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails. 

Course Objectives
This course will teach you about the following:

  • Developing a consistent regimen for the conditioning of bi-racial hair.  

  • Improving the condition of mixed race hair to always look beautiful. 

  • Style tips and techniques to achieve beautifully conditioned hair.


Ready to begin your course? 

1. Click on the links below to view course materials.


2. Study learning materials for your course.

Ready to test your knowledge? 

1. Click on the question marks to download your test in Word. 
2. Fill out the test on your computer 
OR print and hand write your answers.
4. Complete the test and Pay.

Ready to Earn your Credits? 

You have options:

Option 1:
a. Click on the pay button. Pay via Paypal.
b. Print your receipt.
c. Email your completed test to

Option 2:
Follow steps a and b and d.
d. Mail your completed test and your PayPal Receipt to our address below:

Forever Silk 
506 East 87th Pl
Chicago, IL 60619



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