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Forever Silk Sensitive Skin Shaving Crème: For use before and after shaving. A product for Master Barbers and their customers or anyone who wants to have smooth skin when shaving curly/in-grown hair, with NO irritation. These ingredients combine to target most skin care concerns. Razor/hair bumps on legs, underarms, bikini lines, chin, neck or face. Apply a thin coat of Sensitive Skin Shaving Crème after electrolysis or laser hair removal. Reduces redness and bumps. Skin will glow and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with regular use. Helps with Keloids and Razor burns. ALCOHOL FREE.

Sensitive Skin Shaving Crème is formulated with moisture creating emollients and essential oils that soothes skin and reduces irritation. Lubricates skin, lifts whiskers to get a closer shave, softens thick hard hair. Protects skin with Glycerin, a humectant, softens and pulls moisture from air to keep skin hydrated and smooth. Clove and Eucaplyptus protects and soothes.

Frankincense and Myrrh fight skin disorders, reduce scars and blemishes. Lavender soothes skin. Rose Otto regenerates dry patchy skin. Tea Tree and Hyssop are antimicrobials. Lemon and Geranium tightens, tones, keeps it blemish-free, clears and soothes. For mature/aging skin: 1)Carrot Seed Oil has Vitamins A& E, and is a rejuvenator. 2)Arnica Oil firms, reduces sagging. 3)Avocado Oil for very dry, mature, irritated, or sun-damaged skin. Helichrysum and Chamomile relieves inflammation, increases the absorption of other products on the skin. Rosemary and Red Thyme, good for acne and oily skin. Do not use if pregnant and/or nursing or if irritation occurs.

Sensitive Skin Shaving Crème

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